Environmental, Social & Governance

The built environment and its infrastructure are responsible for around 40% of global carbon emissions. Milligan has vowed to lead the way on the path to net zero emissions with inherently sustainable, future- proofed, low energy schemes bringing benefits for the longer term to the environment, to societies and to communities.

The coveted ESG distinction refers to the three central factors in measuring and monitoring the sustainability, societal and good governance impacts of decision making – the selection, engagement or investment in a company and its supply chain. In effect it drives the scope and importance of ethical sustainable property development management to a new level and pays due importance to relevant associated social issues and corporate behaviour.
Good governance is the binding force to monitor performance and credentials, compliance with environmental codes and standards and to uphold the moral authority of corporate responsibility.

ESG is the gatekeeper

This year Milligan will formalise its reporting processes and set out our roadmap in the areas of environmental, social and governance conduct.

Our fundamental objectives remain the same – to put people, planet and purpose at the core of what we do – recognising and quantifying the actions we can take to minimise our impact and promote solutions that are restorative in nature and will stand the test of time.

Our promise is to create a charter for every project that will in a bespoke and appropriate way, pay back to its community either by creating social value, fostering diversity and inclusion or protecting its natural environment with more sustainable, resilient and renewable practises.

As we transition to a low carbon economy our charters won’t stand still – they will change and evolve with the needs of people, their communities and the planet. But, they will always be accountable, and so will we.

In May 2021 Milligan appointed John Naylor as Head of Sustainability. Click here to read more or get in touch with John.