Oct 09, 2019


CreativeTrade is an omni-channel commercial business catering to independent makers and emerging brands in the UK.

CT Online is a bootstrap startup, an individual SEIS/EIS advance assured business comprised of 4 pillars (maker membership, events, online transactional and a learning platform). CT Online will also be the asset manager of all CT Destinations.

CT Destinations provide the new maker with serviced studios, apprentices, business support, marketing and retailing opportunity – they are successful independent retailers wishing to grow as well as a collection of startup brands. The brands teach and the consumer learns. CreativeTrade gives the consumer access to this talent with fresh opportunities to gain experiences. Consumers engage with independent brands and makers who pique their passions. With multiple UK destinations and an online membership platform CreativeTrade fosters authenticity and awareness of provenance, offering the emerging marketplace of connoisseurs the unique experiences they crave. In doing this, CreativeTrade helps build and support the country’s newest brands and gives them a special home in 10 centres across the UK.